Chocolate Sinterklaas Letter

How to make your own chocolate letter… It is Sinterklaas here. And in this feast for kids it is tradition to get a letter from chocolate.
So because my four-year-old kept on saying he wanted one too. I did my best to make him #rawchocolate

Well cacao is excluded in #detox but this is a little cheat. Size is smaller then my finger.
So I mixed cacaobutter and cacao/carob 50/50.
Added a pinch of coconut flower blossom for sweetness and some hazelnuts.
I poored it onto a sheet to make a K.
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Raw chocolate Letter


  • Raw Cacao powder
  • Optional Carob powder
  • Raw Cacao butter
  • Coconut flower blossom
  • Hazelnut pieces


  • Warm pan with hot water for “Au Bain Marie”
  • A cup to put in the water
  • A silicon sheet or baking paper to make the letter on

Add 10 pellets of Raw cacao butter in your small cup.
Put the cup in het warm water. Heat the cup to a maximum of 42 degrees celsius.
Stir until it is melted.
Add the cacao and/or carob powder too the melted cacaobutter and taste if you like it.
Add a pinch of the coconut blossom to give it some sweetness. If you are advanced in this little pieces of chopped dates are possible to add.
Then while stirring let it cool down. When you see it is getting thicker it is time to draw your letter. I just poored it in the letters on a siliconsheet.
Of Course if you have a mold it is even easier. Just wait…
You letter will be ready in ten minutes. Put it in the fridge if it is warm where you live.