Eczema with kids – Eczeem natuurlijk verhelpen

Looking back on these photos reminded me that Kyan was once so small. That he had eczema and rash from his first week.
I did everything I could to remedy this, to find out the real cause and to solve the problem.

We started with soft ecologic , non-bleached cotton clothing, silk ecological underwear, and further breastfeeding. What else can you do as a mother? Washing with special KLOK did the trick and the wool/silk, which we washed with a block of lanolin soap.
Nevertheless, the spots sometimes came back, always in the same places.

Until I put it on fruit only and occasionally vegetables. Everything organic, without pesticides. With the exception of strawberry and orange. Occasionally there was an exception and the spots came back. Always on the upper sides of the member sizes. The typical place for gluten-related eczema.

Yesterday we talked about it, about our route. What have we changed in the last 6.5 years? What knowledge we have gained. Then the question, would he still react so vehemently to gluten? I do not dare to try it out yet.

But if you also struggle with skin problems then remember our story. You should also release allergen for a while. No cow’s milk, no gluten, no sugar and no yeast. The 5 big intolerances.
And see what happens.
Who knows, your life can change too!
What if you had lost all those problems too?
What if you could live without chronic conditions?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

You can always ask me about our experiences and advice.
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