How to make Natural Toothpaste at home

— How to make your own natural toothpaste —

A few months ago I had school children asking me to make beauty and health products.
So we started by making their own toothpaste and later we made skin cream as well as lip balm.

This toothpaste was made by all children from the age of 4 and up.
My son Kyan choose his flavor Fennel and he loved to use it. Only a small 30ml jar was enough for him to use for months in a row.
You need a jar to put your toothpaste in and preferable a bowl to mix the ingredients. If it is colder you might want to melt the coconut oil a bit so the ingredients blend really well.

Ingrediënts are:

Fill your jar with 35% Chalk and 30% baking soda.

Then add the clay and the Heal All Tea herbs.
Last, add a small amount of activated charcoal. This is your basic mix.

If you really like paste this is a moment to add coconut oil and you can add as much as you like.
In the end, you can add a essential oil to choose a flavor or property you like.
Peppermint oil is the most common flavor for toothpaste, but you can use any kind you like.
Make sure to check the leaflet of the essential oil to check if it is suitable for consumption.