From Chronic pains and inflammation to living your dream.

HI I am Wendy

I help parents and other Health enthusiasts use the Power of Energetic Medicine to live the life of their dreams!
Hundreds of clients improved their lives, and started living their dream!
The very best of my practice, summarized in 7 Simple Steps will make you Wake Up With Unlimited Energy In Less than 2 months. And  it’s permanent.

Are you a mom who has the desire to have the fitness and health   so you can play and spend more active time with your kids, create a flexible body, and live a life of freedom… BUT…you don’t know where to start?

I understand! I was in your shoes just about 10 years ago. I had no idea how to find the right diet nor was I able to do any kind of fitness. I did however was full of pain and brainfog and no idea what I would do to get out of this disabled mess.
You’d be in a wheelchair, they promised me.
Let me take you through my process I used to figure it all out..

It only took 6 weeks!! To sleep through the night, wake up fresh, happy, feeling better than I had felt in at least 4 years!

And the power-state stayed! Throughout the day. Over the next 8 years!!
Let me guide you to this place where you will know, feel and experience:

  • What small diet changes lead to big results
  • What easy movements create flexible bodies
  • What thoughts and feelings enhance and secure your healing success
  • What else in Natural Healing is of aid, how and  when exactly to apply them;

🌟 Ready to Reclaim Your Energy and Dreams? 😴

 Tired of feeling drained and baffled by health advice? Get ready to wake up energized and live your dreams! 🚀

 🌿 Discover the 7 Steps to Revitalize Your Life 🌿
Imagine waking up with a renewed sense of energy and clarity! 🌞 Say goodbye to chronic fatigue and confusion about health. Say hello to feeling confident and in control again! 💪

So you can focus on your selfcare and become successful at spending playful happy time with your kids, partner or even start a family!!

Here  you’ll find the same process I had figured out all alone.
One one that led to me to not only heal my body, but;

  • to travel the world, with my child
  • go backpacking,
  • doing gymnastics, even new tricks I couldn’t do when I was 21
  • live in a truck while going to ski,
  • and move to a Mediterranean beach, for sun anfd fruit.

as well as organizing my own fruit festival to share this success with the world!

After this program you 

  • Locate the root cause of energy shortages
  • Overcome cravings & be totally energized again
  • Tap into your Inner Healing Powerplant
  • Permanently be able to make healthy choices

In this Program you get

  • Clear video’s and a beautiful workbook with every step .
  • Exercises to identify the cause of your energy deficit.
  • Exercises to address that cause and get energy back.
  • A guided meditation on mp3 and in the workbook.
  • 1001 Re-Programming Energy downloads on balance